Himalayan Pink Salt Energy Spheres
Himalayan Pink Salt Energy Spheres

Himalayan Pink Salt Energy Spheres

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Do you know Himalayan pink salt is over 250 million years old?  Feel the energy of this mineral salt as you enjoy a gentle massage with our crystal energy spheres.  Place in a bowl shaped salt lamp to warm them up...feels wonderful as a massage ball when they are nice and warm!  Please do not microwave them, they will crack if heated too quickly.

These can also be used as a salt scrub in the shower by rubbing the sphere on a wet wash cloth and gently rubbing your skin with the cloth to exfoliate.

Another idea is to use them as a massage ball in your hands.  The small spheres are roughly 2 inches in diameter and if you can, gently hold two in your hand together and roll them around and feel every energy point awaken as your joints become more limber.  The large sphere is a perfect size to use as a massage ball for relaxing tired back muscles.

Small is approximately 2 inches.
Medium is approximately 2 1/2 inches.
Large is approximately 3 inches.