Rhubarb Cream Black Tea Blend #142

Rhubarb Cream Black Tea Blend #142

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An exquisite flavor reminiscent of fresh rhubarb pie. Tart and sweet - a lovely togetherness in one cup of tea!  The result is nothing short of wonderful - sweet, creamy, astringent - absolutely delectable. 

The first people to recognize the myriad gastronomic uses of Rhubarb were the British at the time of Queen Victoria. During her rein, Rhubarb surged in popularity since it was easy to grow and thrived in the damp British climate. British cooks developed recipes ranging from baked rhubarb with brown sugar to Rhubarb crumble with cream. Can you say delicious? Not surprisingly, many of these recipes are British favorites to this day. 

Ingredients: Black tea, blackberry + lime leaves, jasmine + safflower + sunflower petals, natural flavors (organic compliant).

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka / Kenya / India / France / Thailand / China / Poland

Contains Caffeine
Serving Size: 1-2 level tsp / 6 oz
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes
Steep Temp: 203-212 F

Size Options: 1 oz, 4 oz