Green Tea - Japan Bancha - Organic

Green Tea - Japan Bancha - Organic

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The Japanese traditionally drink this tea with their meals and it is considered a classic everyday tea.  The large-leafed tea is taken from the lower shoots of the tea plant which are rich in minerals, but contain up to 70% less caffeine than Gyokuro teas, which are picked from young shoots.  After infusing, the evenly worked leaf shows its real quality and fine structure.  The taste is very soft, discreet, and slightly grassy.  The discreet note makes this tea perfectly suitable both for green tea beginners and lovers.

Country of Origin: Japan

Serving Size: 1-2 level tsp / 6 oz
Steep Time: 1-3 minutes
Steep Temp: 176-194 F

Size Options: 1 oz, 4 oz