Delirium Blossom Blooming Green Tea Blend #802
Delirium Blossom Blooming Green Tea Blend #802

Delirium Blossom Blooming Green Tea Blend #802

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The dictionary defines delirium as being in a state of wild excitement or ecstasy. Basically, once you start pouring boiling water over one of these firework shaped pods, you'll quickly see why the name Delirium Blossom is really the only one that fits. As the water hits the tea, the pod comes alive. The leaves begin to moisten and water slowly seeps into the deepest reaches of the pod, like a growing sense of excitement and ecstasy taking over the human mind. Next, the inner spirit of the pod bursts apart unleashing an incomparable world of color and flavor rarely seen in the world of tea. Seriously, this is one artisanal creation that begs the question: How did they do that?

Well, we'll start by saying that this tea is about as far away from a supermarket tea bag as you can possibly get. The pod starts its life as a handful of Amaranth, Marigold and Osmanthus blossoms and some very tippy tea leaves from the highlands of Yunnan. Quality is paramount - not just any flowers and tea will do. The artisan chooses his ingredients both for flavor profile and texture, but also for color and impression. The blooms must be the brightest and fullest. The tea must be harvested meticulously and processed masterfully. Mid-way through the processing stage, when the leaves are still damp, the blossoms are tied by hand, woven into the tea and pressed into their unique forms. The tea dries and all the colors and flavors are concealed just waiting to reappear in a burst of frantic tea energy. Unleash the delirious power of one of China's most unique offerings. Delight in the visual spectacle! Revel in the bright floral notes and astringent finish! Oh Delirium Blossom! A superb tea that will leave you breathless! The taste is lightly floral with a touch of dryness. 

Ingredients: Green tea, amaranth blossoms, pot calendula blossoms, omanthus petals.

Country of Origin: China - Yunnan Province - Artisan Handcrafted

How to Use: Place 1 tea ball into a 3-4 cup glass teapot and add freshly boiled water that has cooled to 185-194 F. Allow the tea to brew for at least 5 minutes. Initially the tea ball will float but as it loses the trapped air during the steeping process it will sink if you have used boiling water. Once the tea ball has opened to its full potential the tea can be consumed.

Size Options: 1 Pod; 4 Pods