Green Teas

Green tea is the most popular variety of tea worldwide.  Green tea is produced primarily in China and Japan, where it is a celebrated beverage. Types of green tea vary significantly, depending on the steps taken during production, such as steaming, pan-firing, rolling, etc. However, it is the application of heat, either by steaming or pan-firing, which prevents the leaves from oxidizing and becoming oolong or black tea. Basically, green tea can be thought of as perfectly cooked vegetables: tender, fresh and full of bright green flavor. A popular variety of green tea is Dragonwell.

With so many varieties and styles (and ways to steep them), you're sure to find a green tea that can easily be part of your healthy lifestyle, as well as daily sensory enjoyment. Reward your body and your taste buds!

What is Matcha?  Matcha contains a relatively high stimulant content compared to other teas which gives us a refreshing energetic lift. This is also why a lot of people enjoy matcha in lieu of coffee first thing in the morning. Like all stimulants in Camellia sinensis, they are absorbed slower into the body and, in general, produce alertness and energy rather than the jitters.